One year on

This time last year all Dublin pubs closed, and stayed closed ever since. The “last” pint was not at one of my usual watering holes but in hindsight I was right to find somewhere and enjoy the night while I still could.

My November 2020 prediction which amounted to no real reopening until September 2021 is starting to look like the optimistic end of the estimate spectrum, and as a result I have long concluded they are a lost cause.Even the most generous of payback plans is not enough to overcome an eighteen-month closure — other businesses who were closed for ‘only’ six months are showing the strain, and I have started to see a lot of empty retail units where the tenants have clearly thrown in the towel.

Dublin has already had anti-lockdown rioting which is an inevitable consequence of suppressed economic activity, and the only thing that is stopping this sorry excuse for a government being swept away by a Sinn Fein landslide is the latter not knowing when to keep their mouths shut.

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